Can A Company Have An Ikigai?

We think so! While the concept of ikigai traditionally refers to an individual, it can also be metaphorically applied to a company’s guiding principles, values and purpose. In this sense, a company’s ikigai would represent its core values, mission and the unique contribution it seeks to make to the world. The corporate ikigai encapsulates the deeper purpose and driving force behind the company’s existence and actions.

Eat Greet Sleep Ikigai

At Eat Greet Sleep, our ikigai encompasses creativity, connection and exploration.  It is the harmonious convergence of our enthusiasm for connecting people with their passions and showing them new experiences, our profound joy in sharing spaces and places and our commitment to promoting local businesses through diverse channels.  Infused with positivity, we thrive on uplifting others by championing their dreams and reveling in their successes.  Our fascination with colors, taste and beauty in everything makes us good at what we do.  Our guiding philosophy is to blend the vibrant threads of creativity, technology and heartfelt connections into a tapestry of innovation that propels brands to take flight while fostering growth and uplifting dreams.  Step into our world and let us unlock your brand’s true potential in the digital age.


Dreams in hues take flight,

Tech and heart fuse, brands ignite,

Journey’s vibrant light.


Every request shines bright in our eyes, no matter its size. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us help your brand take flight.